The Moustache - Movember

Each year at the beginning of the month of November hordes of men decide to grow a moustache to help raise much-needed awareness and funds for men’s health issues.

Embarking on growing and taming your newly acquired ‘stache is no small task, especially when you are a novice. Whether growing one for keeps or just to participate in Movember, when your hard work and effort pays off its hard to whip out the razor and remove it for good.

With another successful ‘Movember’ coming to a close, we decided to put together the most popular looks for the month-long event as well as our top men’s grooming tips for maintaining your moustache over the Festive Season and well into the New Year!

Grooming your Moustache.

Investing in a good pair of trimming scissors is imperative to maintaining your moustache. The Kingswood semi-professional scissors are best and these generous scissors have been forged from long-lasting Hitachi Japanese 4043 Stainless Steel. These can be purchased individually or in a set with Kingswood Beard Oil and comb. A quality comb is also a must - the handcrafted Kingswood moustache comb is ideal, designed for taming and training your moustache. Sturdy and easy to hold, while being small enough to fit into your wallet, these tools will assist with the precise shaping of your facial hair.

To keep things neat and tidy you will need facial hair product. Kingswood's selection of Moustache Wax has been carefully made from the finest natural and organic ingredients. If you need some extra grunt to keep things in place, don’t be afraid to heat things up, using a blow dryer to heat up the wax and reshape it in place, once cool the wax will hold firm.

Lastly, don’t underestimate the use of Beard Oil for your moustache by adding a few drops to keep the hair conditioned, healthy, soft and hydrated. Beard Oil also works to keep course hairs and stray fly-aways under control. For a premium oil, try Kingswood Brand Organic Beard Oil.

Moustache Styles

Chevron Moustache

The Chevron Moustache was made popular with 80’s icon Tom Selleck. The Chevron is a thick and wide moustache which requires relatively coarse hair and which can take months to grow out. Usually worn long to cover the top part of the upper lip, it works best for naturally straight facial hair. To maintain its appearance, it should be kept neat with regular trimming to avoid growing over the mouth or unruly hairs throughout. This stout look is stern, masculine and brash.

Pencil Moustache

The ‘pencil’ moustache was popularised by Silver Screen film stars like Errol Flynn and Clarke Gable and is a thin, narrow, closely clipped moustache that sweeps the upper lip. This style is making a comeback with actors such as Brad Pitt, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Orlando Bloom. The benefit of this style is that the pencil moustache is much easier to achieve than the thicker and wider Chevron moustache, however it does require considerably more attention to ensure it resembles the thin, straight look of a pencil. This subtle look is classic, sharp and sophisticated. 

Horseshoe Moustache

This distinctive look, recognised on the faces of Hulk Hogan, Australian cricketer Merv Hughes and of late John Travolta, is a full moustache with thick coverage over the top lip and down the sides of the mouth to the jawline, resembling an upside-down horseshoe. Taking on this ostentatious look is not for the faint of heart and it will take a few months to grow your hair long and thick enough. This specific style is bold, daring and brazen.

Handlebar Moustache

A classic look, the handlebar moustache does require the most amount of daily styling to maintain its appearance. It can be worn large or small and it is defined by the fact that it is thick but must be worn long enough to curl the ends upward towards the cheekbones. This is achieved with specialised Beard Styling Wax dabbed to wind each end of your moustache outwards creating a curved end. The desired depth of curl depends on length and personal preference.

Becoming a favourite with a whole new generation, the handlebar moustache is usually paired with a stylised and modern haircut. This debonair style is flamboyant and stylish.


Article by Liz Barrett; writer, marketer and mother..

Image  Charley Chartwell

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